Trim n' Slim

Why Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is an important first step in any skin care regimen. Snap scrubs aid in removing unwanted dead skin cells that lead to the formation of blemishes and the appearance of dull skin.

SNAP scrubs refine the texture of the skin, making it appear smoother, and stimulate cell renewal - helping the skin replace dead cells with new cells at a faster rate. This is an important point as one ages, since cell regeneration slows down after age 30. Directions for use: wet hands; work small amount into a lather. Apply evenly over moistened skin and massage lightly. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, SNAP scrubs should be used daily, if time permits, or at least once or twice a week.

Why Pumice?

Pumice is a natural, perfectly spherical exfoliant. Suspended in a low-sudsing, vegetable-based cleanser, these granules glide gently over skin, removing impurities. Other exfoliants, like ground almonds and apricots, have jagged edges that can damage skin. The addition of Tea Tree Extract, nature's antibacterial and antiseptic ingredient, is an excellent complement to SNAP's cleansing pumice. SNAP does not contain alphahydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs exfoliate by causing the top layer of skin to peel off. This is a harsh process whose long-term effects have yet to be studied. In some people, these chemical peels cause sun sensitivity, which accelerates the aging of the skin. Pumice in SNAP is the reliable choice for exfoliation.


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