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A Natural Solution

Problem Skin? SNAP Clear Skin is the Natural Solution

Healthy SkinSkin that's prone to problems needs gentle nurturing to stay moist, smooth and supple, all factors that contribute to its healthy glow. Products that dry and irritate the skin with harsh ingredients will not correct skin problems. "Maximum strength" means maximum irritation. Your skin will try to compensate by producing more protective oils, the classic Catch-22.

Snap Facial Scrubs have been specially formulated with 100% natural pumice. Pumice is an almost magic exfoliant. It rolls over the surface of your skin, cleans embedded dirt in the clogged pores and gently lifts away excess oils. The pumice granules in SNAP are mixed with Tea Tree Extract, a natural antiseptic that prevents bacterial infection. This is important since dead skin cells can dull the natural radiance of your new skin and contribute to pimple production. Through this process, Snap scrub emulsifies all dirt, oil and stale cosmetics and leaves your face fresh and clean.

Snap is enhanced with botanical extracts of Chamomile and Aloe Vera to soothe and soften. Natural extracts of trees and plants are compatible with the skin, are virtually non-irritating, and have been the basis of complexion care for centuries.

Regular use of SNAP can reward you by helping your problem skin stay under control while avoiding the risks associated with chemical irritants.